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February 20, 2018 2 min read

At Ines Gloves we love to collaborate with artists. Art makes the world an elegant place, and we surely feel strongly about elegance.

Its always a pleasure when Dutch stylist, fashion editor and photographer Ferry van der Nat is on the phone asking if he can come over to select some gloves for a photoshoot.

This time he was styling a photograph for the promotion of Pride Amsterdam 2016 and Eurovision Songfestival winner Conchita Wurst was going to star.

The gay pride in Amsterdam is always an amazing party - this city has a long tradition of not only tolerance but celebration of uniqueness and diversity in its community. The LGBTQ scene is alive and well and producing some of the most amazing advent-garde in style, fashion and art.

Conchita is an amazing singer and great LGBTQ icon - she's been winning over the heart of her fans since her amazing Eurovision performance.

This was to be kept a secret: nobody knew who the ambassador of Pride would be and every year the announcement is marked with a big event.

On the day of the shooting, a Sunday morning, I received a phone call from Ferry asking for gloves in different sizes and whether it was possible to deliver them asap. Something special was happening...

I biked to the Ines Gloves offices together with my daughter Anna to pick up the gloves and bring them over.

The shooting was taking place in a small studio along the Amsterdam canals. When we entered, the studio photographer Phillipe Vogelenzang was  already busy shooting portraits of Conchita.

Conchita Gloves

After a nice chat with her manager, we had some time to meet Conchita.

She is very kind person and a amazing talent. A real star was standing there. And of course my little daughter was very impressed by her beard and her looks :)

The shooting produced wonderful images of Conchita, her striking image and her long Ines leather gloves.

And Anna was really impressed to have met such a  big celebrity!

We've had the pleasure to do more collaborations with her in these last 2 years... you can see some of the results here.

Always a pleasure, Conchita! 




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