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Laced Extreme Long Leather Gloves

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*** Out of stock: Currently upgraded by our new Sensational Extreme Length Corset Gloves, crafted out of one single piece of leather! 

Long laced Gloves - Elegant, unique and with sensual pointed hem.

Extreme length, perfect tight fit, with lace closure that will adjust to your upper arm shape and size. For men and women!

A touch of unmistakable elegance to your outfit,
for any special occasion.

Extreme length, very elegant.

For the happy few.
Oh yes!
  • Length: 31.5" (80cm) 26 Button
  • No wrist opening
  • Unlined leather
  • Elastic inside the upper part
  • Small seam below 4" (10cm) base of thumb, hiding in a tiny sexy natural plead on just the right place
  • Color: Black


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